Super Runner Tricky

Super Runner Tricky is a limited female character introduced on 06/07/2022. According to the game history, he is the best friend of the protagonist Jake. The limited girl is only available in the San Francisco update. To get, you need to complete all 5 stages of the super runner.

Super Runner Tricky has no unlockable outfits.

Standard view:

High multi-colored sneakers;
Glasses, a ring in one ear and a belt with a sapphire;
Black leggings and elbow-length gloves, white T-shirt;
Black mask covering the lower half of the face;
Green eyes and punk hairstyle.


After Pink, the second hero of 2022 with a mask on his face;
The fourth girl in the San Francisco edition (the others are Proud Maya, Miss Maya and Jenny);
The second Super Runner, the first is the boy Super Runner Jake;
The ninth character in the coming year after Hasina, Tyger, Charlie, Pink, Georg, Dimmy, Super Runner Jake, Proud Miss Maya.

The first three standard and limited editions of Tricky are Pride, Festive and Elf.