Subway Surfers World Tour: Venice Beach 2021

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Version: 2.26.1

November 22th, 2021

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Subway Surfers World Tour: Venice Beach 2021 is an update released on 11/22/2021. These are the 153rd and 136th editions of the game and the World Tour series. Team competitions and a marathon are held in Paris. Popsicle ice cream acts as seasonal hunting tokens.

A few important points:

  • The developers removed the graffiti around the scenery. The tunnel is empty without burning barrels;
  • Background music – melodies of the 80s, instead of rock songs;
  • Venice Beach 2021 is the first reissue of Venice Beach.

Added characters:

  • Phoenix (Phoenix) is a black African-American boy who won the Season Hunt award. To unlock the second surfer (the first is Dylan) on Venice Beach, you need to collect 75 keys or 400 popsicles;
  • Dylan – limited edition hero returns with new gear. The cost of the character is a blond with blue eyes, 95,000 coins.

There are two new boards in the edition. Renegade hoverboards, priced at 50,000 coins, and Beach Pop, purchasable for 15,000 coins. The first shows a golden skull with wings, the second is made in the form of a huge colored ice cream.



Subway Surfers World Tour 2021 – Venice Beach