Subway Surfers World Tour: Monaco 2022

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Version: 2.33.0

April 25th, 2022

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The 6th update of the current year, offering a visit to the Principality of Monaco. A new character is also present – Philip. The boy races on a board in the form of a sports car with the characteristic name Speeder. Events unfold on the tracks, decorated in honor of the celebration of Easter.

What’s new:

  • Release date – 04/25/2022;
  • Issues 160 and 142 of the game and the World Tour series;
  • Marrakesh hosts the Marathon event for this edition;
  • Checkered Flags – tokens for Monaco 2022;
  • You can buy the Crash Test board and the Mannequin robot character, added in addition to the heroes Philip and Roberto, as well as Speeder, for 150 and 250 tokens, respectively. You must have 15 and 30 levels.

Monaco 2022 is the first 2022 edition without a marathon team since Mexico 2021.



Subway Surfers World Tour 2022 – Monaco