Subway Surfers World Tour: Barcelona 2022

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Version: 2.30.1

February 21th, 2022

194.72 MB

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Barcelona 2022 is the third update of the Barcelona edition. Now the Tag Team is being held here, the Marathon Challenge marathon is held in Beach and Venice. The update, released on February 21, 2022, became the 157th and 139th editions of the game and the World Tour series.

Interesting facts about Barcelona 2022:

At the end of the theme song of the update, the beginning of the anthem of the Spanish football club Barcelona can be heard;
This is the 52nd edition with a remixed background track;
In 2.30.2 and 2.30.1, all reflections disappeared (with the exception of rails).

The update brings Barcelona surfer rookie Charlie and his Astronave board. Boy Roberto has been re-released with new Cules outfit. Another limited character is the Spaniard Diego.

In addition to Astronave, boards are now offered – Stallion and Mosaic.



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