Subway Surfers Redeem Codes

Subway Surfers Redeem Codes – unlock codes for the popular game Subway Surfers. Other official names are Gift Codes and Redemption Codes. The codes are developed by SYBO Games and Kiloo (the creators of the game) in order to thank active gamers.

What do Redeem Codes give?

Promo codes are not able to make even the smallest visual changes in the appearance of the heroes. But with their help, you can significantly increase the amount of in-game resources.

You’ll get:

  • Boards of various types;
  • Keys (usually 5 pieces);
  • Coins (standard 5000-9000).

With early codes, you could get:

  • Diablo is a hoverboard introduced in the Dubai update;
  • Kitty – board with a picture of a cat and the flag of Japan.

Rarely new characters are offered. For example, Mimi was available – a Chinese girl from the Moscow edition.

A few interesting points:

  • Redeem Codes appeared in the game with the London 2018 update;
  • After the release of the Houston edition, the possibility of using promotional codes disappeared from the owners of IOS devices. Representatives of the development studio said that the feature was removed in connection with the relevant recommendations of the App Store;
  • The option became available to users of “apple” smartphones and tablets with the presentation of the Marrakesh update;
  • The repeated removal of the functionality of the owners of the iPhone “pleased” the Paris 2021 edition;
  • Now activation of unlock codes is available on any Android and IOS devices.

The validity of secret sets of numbers and letters is strictly limited. When you find a new coupon, apply it without delay.


The following table is a list of all the promo codes released by Kiloo & SYBO Games:

Bangkokcoins5,000 coinsExpired
Tonsofkeys100 keysExpired
Kiloo19Keyz19 keysExpired
London2018Coins10,000 coinsExpired
Frank4Lyfe5,000 coinsExpired
Subway2019Venice9,999 coinsExpired
Sybo10k10,000 coinsExpired
potofcoins5,000 coinsExpired
MissMaiaGPMiss MaiaExpired
KEYSSS5 keysExpired
Keys5Zurich5 keysExpired
bdaykeys7 keysExpired
bdaycoins7,000 coinsExpired
BaliSummer10 keys & 10,000 coinsExpired
UnlockBCN13 keysExpired
back2moscow9,001 coinsExpired
moscow6keys6 keysExpired
mmbatpin5,000 coinsExpired
mmcablegoat5 keysExpired
keys2singapore8 keysExpired
Diablo60Diablo & 5 keysExpired
singaporedollars5,555 coinsExpired
Nice5193200 coinsExpired
Naughty5784200 coinsExpired
Naughty8734500 coinsExpired
Nice4329500 coinsExpired
Nice17212 keysExpired
Naughty39732 keysExpired
Naughty23152,000 coinsExpired
Nice94352,000 coinsExpired
SYBOTVFriday422,000 coins & 4 keysExpired
SYBOTVLNY55,000 coinsExpired
LNYLucky77,000 coins & 7 keysExpired
RaveFriday12,000 coins & 3 keysExpired
HalloBerlin3,000 coins & 6 keysExpired
Insta50K5,000 coinsExpired
Facebook3M3,000 coins & 3 keysExpired
instalove100k5,000 coins & 6 keys & 10 HoverboardExpired
ScareFriday32,000 coins & 3 keysExpired
welcome2ny5,000 coins & 5 keysExpired
funkyfriday13,000 coins & 3 keysExpired
sybotv5million5,000 coins & 5 keysExpired
luckyday20218,000 coinsExpired
sybotv5milion1 Mystery BoxExpired
funfriday23,000 coins & 3 keysExpired
happyfriday33,000 coins & 3 keysExpired
springtime5,000 coins & 5 keysExpired
rabbotday20213,000 coins & 6 keysExpired
hoppyfriday1,000 coins & 5 keysExpired
eggstremecoins5,000 coinsExpired
fridaycheers1,000 coins & 5 keysExpired
instalove200k5,000 coins & 4 keysExpired
2infinity3,000 coins & 6 keys & 1 Score Booster & 1 HeadstartExpired
houstonkeys6 keysExpired
9yearsrunning9,000 coins & 9 keys & 1 Mystery BoxExpired
hellochangan5,000 coins & 5 keysExpired
RunnerUp8888,000 coins & 8 keysExpired
giftDiscord21247,000 coins & 7 keys & 1 Mystery BoxExpired

Activation instructions

To apply Redeem Codes, go to the game. Thereafter:

  • Click on the gear icon located on the top right side of the main menu screen;
  • Open the “Settings” section;
Settings Subway Surfers
  • Click on the line “Unlock Codes”;
Enter Code below
  • Indicate the numbers and letters of the coupon in the empty column;
  • To receive a reward, click on the green checkmark.

Another variant.

  • Scan the QR code
  • On the Unlock In-Game Rewards page, enter the code and click CLAIM REWARD

The steps are the same for IOS and Android devices.

Find unlock codes

Gamers received the first promotional codes from the SYBO Games studio on the days when the updates were released. As a rule, presentations of new publications were held on Thursday mornings. It was enough just to connect to live broadcasts on the developer’s official channel on YouTube.

Now the company also publishes Gift Codes from time to time through its accounts on social networks Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

Other sources of promo codes are the official accounts of the Subway Surfers game itself:

On Discord –;
On Twitter –;
On Facebook –

We advise you to subscribe to all pages and follow the news.