Subway Surfers Games Secrets

This page deals with the secrets of Subway Surfers Game on PC and android.

1. The easiest way to get coins in Subway Surfers.

After 50 games with the friends you get a bag of gold coins.

Open the “Earn Coins” compartment in the in-game store. Watching a video from a sponsor will get you 100 free coins.

Every 10 seconds of viewing gets you 100 coins. Thus, the video can be watched several times.

Log in to Facebook social network and give Killo (developers) a Like. You will get 300 coins

Subscribe to Killo channel on Youtube and get 300 coins.

2. When you bought a Mystery box, tap quickly on the sign “tap to open” with several fingers at once. Several items or coins can drop at once.

3. If you recognize you don’t have time to move to a new track and are about to crash, you can slip through between the fence and the car. The character will squeeze in between the obstacles and move on.

Subway Surfers Secrets

4. To unlock Yutani, collect flying saucers.

The best way to progress is to run atop the cars.

As the difficulty and speed increases, you may not be quick enough to detect and avoid the obstacle.