Pink is a limited edition female character from the Vancouver update. Nationality – Canadian African. Appearance – a snow-white mask covers the face (Pink is also fond of graffiti and holds a spray can of paint in his hand). Bows in yellow and blue adorn the sandals and canary-colored top of the shirt. Accessories – pink bracelet and earrings. The hair is blond, the iris of the eyes is blue.

A few important points about Pink:

  • When creating the character, the developers were inspired by the philosophy of Yami Kawaii (a mixture of creepy with vanilla-cute);
  • Pink was the first character in the game to be named after a color;
  • The mask on the face is part of the standard outfit (same as 8 other characters);
  • Along with Mala and Olivia, the girl is a surfer from Vancouver.

You can buy Pink, whose presentation took place on 03/14/2022, for 210 coins. The girl has no unlockable outfits.