The female character from the Cairo update. On Hasina’s face – makeup: black eyeliner for golden eyes, red lipstick. Nose piercing. In one hand, decorated with gold bracelets, the girl holds a soccer ball. Clothing – a blue sports suit and a blue tank top with orange elements. Her hair is covered with a blue hijab and an orange-colored scarf.

Known information about Hasina:

  • The first hero-girl in the coming year;
  • The nose stud is part of the standard look;
  • The sixth among the characters of the game who hail from Africa;
  • Along with Edison and Roberto, Hasina is passionate about football. But unlike them, she is female;
  • The first girl to wear a Muslim cape;
  • Second Cairo surfer with Jasmine.

The limited character Hasina, introduced on 01/10/2022, can be purchased for 400 coins. Unlockable outfits are not provided.



Subway Surfers World Tour 2022 – Cairo – New Character Hasina
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