– What to do if after the start of the game the boy “only paints on the car”?

boy paints on the car


Download and install the Microsoft Package Visual C ++.

Download Microsoft Visual C++ (x86).

After installation restart your computer. If the issue persists, download the file

msvcr100.dll and copy it to a folder with the game.

Download msvcr100.dll.

msvcr100.dll and copy it to a folder

Restart your computer and launch the game.

To read about the controls in Subway Surfers game, please visit the Subway Surfers Controls page.

 What is a hover board and why is it needed?

The Board gives you an extra life. It can be bought in the store as well as found in a secret box along the way.

– What is X2 bonus for?

Picking X2 bonus will multiply all your points twofold.

What kinds of clothes are stored in a mystery box, and what are their purposes?

The clothes belong to the characters that can be unlocked by collecting a certain number of accessories of different types.

– Sometimes there are letters scattered along the way, what are they for?

They can be used to piece a word together and get a reward.

– How different are new characters from the old ones?

The only difference is appearance. Running speed and endurance remain on the same level.

– What is the HeadStart function for?

Early in the game you get the chance to fly a great distance across and collect a large amount of coins.

How many missions are there in Subway Surfers?

The total of 29 missions.

– The Rome edition has eggs, what are they for?

If you collect 100 pcs, you will get a new board.

– How to play Subway Surfers online?

Yes! Here on this page – Online game Subway Surfers.

How to get free coins?

– When in the store, go to “Earn Coins”. Watching a video from a sponsor will get you 100 coins.

A piece of advice.

The game has a minor inconvenience that can give a lot of discomfort to some players, though. When you start running, the guard spurts after you closing the view for the player.

Sometime you may not notice the obstacle and crash into it.

To get rid of a cop, hit the side of any nearby train. The cop will hit it too and slow down.